Binzbit is a news and media publishing site dedicated towards bringing you the latest news related to science, technology and entertainment around the world.

Binzbit started by Ali Afsari and Omor Sarif back in 2016 as a hobby to share their interests in science and technology with others through a dedicated web presence. Since then, Binzbit has grown bigger as now it’ dedicated staffs cover hundreds of news per week related to science, technology, business and entertainment for enthusiasts who want to learn more about the trending topics around the world.

Omor Sarif

Omor Sarif found Binzbit back in 2016 to share news and tips related to technology. Apart from writing, he is passionate about computer ever since he was a teenager. Prior to Binzbit, Omor worked as a volunteer translator for Coursera to bring the online courses of the platform to different countries. Apart from Coursera, he served as a Student Competitions in the organization’s early days.

Ali Afsari

Ali Afsari is the co-founder and an editor of Binzbit. Ali Afsari discovered his passion for Finance and Investment while he was in college and found Binzbit to share his ideas with others. Apart from finance, he is also interested in anything related to smartphones and automobiles. You can contact him via email at: aliafsari@binzbit.com

Sabrina Sergi

A specialist in communication and international relations, Sabrina previously served as an assistant in the communication department of the Italian branch of Doctors Without Borders. In addition to Binzbit, her works can be found in Europinione where she is serving as a freelance author and editor.

Aryan Homayoun-Bod

Aryan always wanted to help others through his expertise in communication and management. Previously he served as president at ESN Bilkent, a non-profit organization dedicated towards supporting and developing student exchange programs. He currently lives in the Netherlands and serving as an editor for Binzbit. When not working, he’s busy learning about internet and social media strategy.
If you have any question or comment, you can reach him at: aryanhomayounbod@binzbit.com

Shaown Ahmed

A computer science graduate, Shaown Ahmed always wondered about possibilities of computing and related technology. He started writing for Binzbit during his time in college to share his experience in technology and related fields. He’s currently working as a software developer. Write him at: shaownahmed@binzbit.com

Thoaif Ahmed

Thoaif Ahmed fell in love with programming while he was in college and since then, he went to feature his expertise in Nottingham Trent University. Apart from writing for Binzbit, he is currently working as a freelance developer to help others bring their ideas to life. Apart from programing, he is also passionate about science. Write him at: thoaifahmed@binzbit.com

Çagatay Yilmazer

Çagatay Yilmazer fell in love with astronomy and renewable energy during college where he was majoring in Economics. As he was pursuing his passion for renewable energy, he went on to work as a project manager for Nordex Energy. He’s working as an editor at Binzbit as he continues to explore opportunities to find out how to incorporate ideas from Economics into creating sustainable future.
You can reach him at: cagatay@binzbit.com

Agapi Drakaki

Agapi Drakaki graduated from the Department of Information Management at Bilkent University. She started covering news related to Internet and Social Media on Binzbit as a hobby and currently serving as Junior Project Manager at Enstronga. When not working, she’s probably busy travelling around Europe. You can contact her through email at: agapidrakaki@binzbit.com

Çagla Pehlivanoglu

Cağla Pehlivanoğlu is a contributing author for Binzbit. She is currently completing her MBA at the University of Amsterdam. Apart from writing, she loves travelling and currently serving as the Director at Express Döviz, a company specializing in foreign currencies. Use caglapehlivanoglu@binzbit.com to reach her in case you have any question or comments.

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    Mehmethan Bayar

    Mehmethan Bayar discovered his passion for movies and television pretty early and went on to establish Bilkent Media Society to others about production of video contents. He currently covers news related to movies and television shows for Binzbit.

    Oguz Bayar

    Oguz Bayar is currently working as a contributing author for Binzbit to cover news related to music and media. Apart from listening to music, he likes to watch television shows. He is currently serving as the lead organizer for Bikent Talks. A platform crated to cater university students who are interested in sharing their experience in front of an audience.